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Lipid profile parameters in normal and preeclampsia complicating pregnancies - A prospective observational study
Vani I, Gayathri A, Nagamani T and Sunieeta H
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 2015,Volume 1; Issue 1; p61-66. DOI: 10.17812/ajsmr2015114
I Full-Text PDF  I  Published online 22nd April 2015
Spot protein/creatinine ratio as an accurate quantification of proteinuria to  replace the use of the 24 hours urine protein in pre-eclamptic women
Vani Isukapalli, Anuradha J, Padmanvati Thatavarth and Swetha

The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 2015,Volume 1; Issue 1; p82-91. DOI: 10.17812/ajsmr2015116
I Full-Text PDF  I  Published online 28th April 2015
New trends in management of facial nerve paralysis
Sameh Galal El Sebaey Younis and Adel Tharwat Atallah, Ayman El Sayed Abd Al Aziz and Heba Abd Al Rahim Abo Al Naga
Biolife,2015, Volume 3; Issue 3; pp 629-638.DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.339
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
I Published online 8 July 2015
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